Can CBD Actually Help You Quit Smoking? – It Just Might!

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People from all walks of life from every corner of the planet are going crazy over CBD, and as more and more trials are being completed, and more results are being recorded, CBD’s potential benefits are starting to be understood and accepted. And one of the newest and most exciting areas of research is CBD’s possible role as an aid in helping people to quit smoking.

When you consider the many potential health benefits CBD has to offer, it’s quite amazing really that perhaps CBD’s greatest gift of all might be its ability to save us from our own worst self-destructive habits. It’s no secret, and there’s no shortage of scientific evidence that proves smoking is one of the most harmful things we can do to ourselves. Smoking is linked to everything from lung disease, to cancer, to heart problems. But, the incredibly addictive nature of nicotine makes it extremely difficult or in many cases impossible for long-term smokers to kick the habit.

So this is what a team of researchers in London set out to explore when they finished a clinical study surrounding CBD’s potential to help people quit smoking. The study split participants into two groups of smokers and gave each access to vaporizes. The control group was given vaporizers filled with a placebo and in the other group, the vaporizers contained CBD.

At the end of the study, there was virtually no change with the placebo groups smoking habits, but the CBD group, however, experienced a 40% reduction in their smoking. And yes, one study isn’t enough to make any hard and fast claims about using CBD as cigarette addiction treatment, and even the study’s authors were careful in stating that CBD “may reduce temptation” for smokers.

So, that being said, the potential for CBD oil to help people with their smoking habits is definitely there along with other research that has already been done.

So How Would Someone Use CBD To Help Them Stop Smoking?

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The authors of the study we just talked about presented a few theories as to why they saw a reduction in smoking during the trial. One theory is that smokers were replacing one habit with another, so instead of reaching for a pack of cigarettes, they were able to take a cleaner more pleasing drag from a vape that was enjoyable despite the fact that CBD contains no nicotine. And interestingly, for that same reason, stopping cigarettes with a product like CBD gummies incorporated into a daily routine might also be worth looking into.

CBD is starting to show enormous potential in its ability to help treat a wide variety of health issues. There is research and no shortage of incredibly positive personal accounts to suggest that there might be real benefits to taking a daily dose of CBD. More research is needed and there’s not much doubt that a lot more is on the way, but in the meantime, using CBD to help you quit smoking might be the latest reason why more and more people are adding CBD to their daily routines.

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