Canna Trading Company Relaxing CBD Sleep Aid Tincture Review

Canna Trading Company Relaxing CBD Sleep Aid Tincture


95 out of 100



  • Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil
  • Non-GMO
  • No Artificial Colors Or Flavors
  • Lab Tested For Purity
  • Affordable


  • Somewhat Limited Return Policy


Canna Trading Company Relaxing CBD Sleep Aid Tincture

canna trading company cbd sleep tincture

The Canna Trading Company was established in 2015 with the development of their vape product line when they realized the need for more discreet ways to use medical cannabis and quickly discovered that vaping was a great option for those requiring discretion.

The folks at Canna Trading recognize the power of both THC and CBD while acknowledging the entourage effect. Canna Trading continues to use research and innovation to introduce new and exciting cannabis products to the market. Their THC products are available in California only, from what our research indicates, and their line of CBD products, which includes valuable terpenes, is available to everyone in the United States.

The Canna Trading Company’s mission is simple, offer the cleanest, most affordable, natural alternatives for people seeking relief, and of those high-quality products is their Canna Trading Company Relaxing CBD Sleep Aid Tincture. This CBD sleep tincture combines all-natural CBD oil derived from hemp with plant-based terpenes. This formula is designed to support achieving a better night’s sleep. The flavor and aroma of this tincture has been improved with a special blend of plant-based terpenes.

To use Canna Trading Company CBD Sleep Tincture, shake the bottle well, then fill the dropper and release the liquid under your tongue. Hold under your tongue for one minute then swallow.

Product Features

• Premium Extracted Pure CBD Oil

• Non-GMO

• Lab Tested For Purity

• 400mg CBD Oil Per Bottle

• CBD Hemp Oils Plus A Natural Blend Of Terpenes

• Free Of Soy, Sugar, Yeast, Preservatives, And Chemicals

• No Artificial Colors Or Flavors

How Much CBD Should I Be Taking?

Here is a table of dosage suggestions based on your weight and the severity of your pain level. This dosage calculator provides general guidelines only, use these suggestions as a starting point and adjust your dosage up or down accordingly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are powerful aromatic molecules responsible for the flavor and aroma of plants. But terpenes do more than provide flavor and aroma. They also support other cannabis molecules in producing desired effects. We call this the entourage effect, and this is the reason terpenes have become such a critical piece of the cannabis puzzle.

Cannabis contains hundreds of molecules that have the ability to directly interact with our bodies and minds. Cannabinoid molecules are relatively unique to the cannabis plant, but other plant-derived molecules such as flavonoids and terpenes also bind to our cells and influence our experiences.

In addition to their aromas, terpenes have direct interactions with our bodies. For instance, alpha-pinene and beta-caryophyllene interfere with molecules that dilate our blood vessels. Less dilation equals less inflammation. Evidence suggests that whole-plant cannabis (that includes terpenes) is superior to isolated compounds from the plant. This isn’t entirely surprising: if pinene is anti-inflammatory, and CBD is also anti-inflammatory, then the body has a chance to fight inflammation from two different angles. This combined benefit is known as the Entourage Effect, cannabinoids like THC and CBD produce better outcomes when they are consumed alongside a supporting cast of terpenes.

  • Is There THC In These Products?

Canna Trading Company’s source material is tested to have under 0.3% THC before they formulate any of their products.

  • Can I Add Tinctures To Food Or Liquid?

Absolutely! Sub-lingual (under the tongue) is best for access to the bloodstream, but mixing with food or non-boiling drinks is perfectly fine to do. Also, the formulations are very effective when combined together. Popular combinations are Anxiety + Sleep at night time and Anxiety + Inflammation in the morning for the day ahead.

Final Thoughts

While we couldn’t find a whole lot of company information about Canna Trading or the people behind the scenes, what we did find out, however, is that the Canna Trading Company works very hard at providing the cleanest, most affordable, natural alternatives for people seeking relief. They use specially bred industrial hemp plants that undergo a carefull extraction process that ensures that only the purest CBD is extracted.

It’s important to note that Canna Trading Company’s hemp oil is not an isolate or a synthetic, so you will reap all the benefits of synergistic cannabinoids, terpenoids, essential oils, and also the additional natural compounds of the industrial hemp plant with each dose.

Canna Trading Company doesn’t use any unnecessary additives or fillers in any of their full-spectrum CBD products. So, if you’re someone who is looking for an all-natural, effective, and affordable way to help achieve a better night’s sleep, then Canna Trading Company’s Relaxing CBD Sleep Aid Tincture might just be what you’re looking for!

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