Cannabidiol Life CBD Tattoo Care And Healing Review


Cannabidiol Life CBD Tattoo Care And Healing 

Cannabidiol Life is dedicated to providing top-quality products and providing information about CBD and its many amazing benefits. Cannabidiol Life is also one of the biggest CBD retailers in the US and all of their CBD products are fully organic, full-spectrum oils that are safe and legal to use.

Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Tattoo Care And Healing Body Butter is an all-natural, CBD-infused alternative made specifically for giving your tattoo and your skin exactly what it needs. This healing body butter was created using 8 all-natural and organic ingredients, making this the most well-rounded, skincare-oriented, post-tattoo care product available on the market today.

And this post-tattoo product isn’t just infused with CBD alone, Cannabidiol life added a much broader spectrum of hemp-extracted cannabinoids that include CBD, CBDv, CBG, CBC, and more.

Cannabidiol Life CBD Tattoo Care And Healing Features

• Lemongrass Offers A Feeling Of Revitalization Every Time You Apply It

• Melts To Your Skin Upon Contact For A Healthy Looking, Tattoo Color-Popping Shine

• Comes In A 1oz Jar ( Suggested Use Allows For 30+ Days Of Daily Application )

What Makes This CBD Tattoo Care Stand Out From The Rest?

Cannabidiol Life uses Mango Butter as the base for this body butter. Not many people are familiar with Mango Butter which is why it’s one of the planet’s best-kept secrets. Mango Butter is known however for its ability to immediately penetrate the skin in order to begin working right away.


• Natural Mango Butter

• Natural Hemp Seed Oil

• Organic MCT Coconut Oil

• Organic Avocado Oil

• Organic Jojoba Oil

• Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

• Natural Vitamin E Oil

• Premium Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (including 110 mg CBD)

Some Tattoo Care Tips

• There is no need for excessive, multiple applications since a little goes a long way.

• Depending on each individual’s daily activity, this body butter has been shown to last up to 8 hours before any sign of dry skin returning.

• Since this body butter was created to melt on contact with your skin, this CBD skin care butter is sensitive to hot areas and will melt if left in the sun.

Final Thoughts

CBD continues to show a positive impact on some very serious health issues, but it can also help people with many not-so-serious issues like Tattoos.

Tattoos tend to take quite a long time to heal, the last time my husband got one it seemed like he was taking care of it forever but he was very careful to ensure there were no infections or other skin issues during the healing process.

CBD has many amazing healing properties and acts as an anti-inflammatory, an analgesic, is an antispasmodic, and aids in cell regeneration which makes it, and Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Tattoo Care And Healing Body Butter perfect for tattoo aftercare.

CBD can reduce the risk of infection and help speed up the healing process which is why we think Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Tattoo Care And Healing Body Butter is definitely worth trying the next time you’re thinking about getting inked!

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