CBD Living 25mg CBD Gel Caps Review – Coupon Code

CBD Living Broad-Spectrum 25mg CBD Gel Caps


95 out of 100



  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil
  • Proprietary Nanotechnology
  • THC-Free
  • Lab Tested


  • A Little More Expensive Than Others

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CBD Living Broad-Spectrum 25mg CBD Gel Caps

CBD Living is a Corona California based company that was established in 2013 and is run by an impressive team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators that are all working hard to develop the most superior CBD products possible. The team at CBD Living has created a rather large inventory of high-quality CBD products that are made using CBD Living’s proprietary nanotechnology that ensures you will be able to absorb more CBD oil faster.

Nanotechnology is a process that drastically shrinks CBD molecules, making them easily dissolvable in water, and since our bodies are mostly water, it makes perfect sense that people will be more able to absorb these products.

Like we said earlier, CBD living boasts a rather impressive line of high-quality CBD products and one of their best selling products is their CBD Living Broad-Spectrum 25mg CBD Gel Caps.  These broad-spectrum gel caps contain 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD. CBD is infused into organic hemp seed oil to offer maximum therapeutic benefits. CBD Living Gel Caps are made with nanotechnology, making the CBD in these gel caps highly bioavailable and easily absorbable.

CBD Living products are also all fair trade which allows extractors and manufacturers the ability to be paid a fair wage above market rates. These products are never tested on animals!

So What’s In These CBD Gel Caps?

• Broad-Spectrum CBD

• Self-Emulsifying Technology

• Organic Hemp Seed Oil

• Sunflower Lecithin

• Mixed Tocopherols ( any of several closely related compounds, found in wheat germ oil, egg yolk, and leafy vegetables, that collectively constitute vitamin E. They are fat-soluble alcohols with antioxidant properties, important in the stabilization of cell membranes. )

What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD Living makes their gel caps with pure ingredients only. These gel caps contain a broad-spectrum of CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids mixed with natural hemp, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These gel caps are also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

CBD Living Gel Caps offer a convenient way for CBD dosing, and each capsule goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that everyone is getting the most beneficial product possible.

Okay, What About This Nano-Technology Stuff?

CBD Living strongly believes in delivering CBD through science and technology, this is why they utilize three different delivery systems for the absorption of CBD.

1. Proprietary Water Soluble Nano CBD.

CBD Living uses a nano-emulsion process that homogenizes oil into water. In order for it to stay stable with the highest absorption rate, they break down the particle size of the CBD droplet to less than 100nm. Normally, most competitor’s Broad-Spectrum CBD is delivered through an oil-based carrier such as MCT oil. So now, everyone has to first digest the fat-soluble nutrient for hours, and then once it is broken down to a small enough size, the CBD would pass onto your lymphatic system and then finally to your bloodstream. On the other hand, water-soluble nutrients are passed directly to the bloodstream through the small intestine. This why CBD Living’s soluble line of products require smaller doses in order to feel the benefits faster.

2. Proprietary Self-Emulsifying Delivery System.

This is a rather unique system that allows oil-soluble nutrients including Broad-Spectrum CBD to be delivered in an oil formulation. As soon as the oil hits the stomach’s aqueous media, a water-soluble Micelle structure is formed with a particle size of less than 100nm.

3. Proprietary Skin Retention Technology.

Along with their Water-Soluble Nano CBD, CBD Living also includes a well-studied solubilizer and enhancing skin technology that allows nutrients to penetrate the skin while retaining the benefits on the skin as well.

CBD Living understands that science is the key. Therefore, they know that not all nutrients can be delivered orally and there is a high demand for skin products. The stratum corneum is the skin’s primary barrier that provides protection. This means that not all nutrients make it through the skin and into the bloodstream. CBD Living’s technology provides hydration of the skin barrier at a molecular level by causing swelling and loosening of the fatty layer of your skin. Once this occurs the nutrients can be transported back and forth from the outside to the inside of the skin barrier safely through diffusion.

Why Choose CBD Living Gel Caps?

CBD Living uses certified organic CBD from the whole hemp plant in their gel caps, not from the cannabis plant, making them completely legal. All CBD Living products go through a rigorous quality assurance process. This process ensures that each capsule is free of solvents, chemicals, and heavy metals.

What Customers Are Saying

Norman V. Verified Buyer


I have had issues with hip and joint pain. This is a nice alternative to pain killers. It really helps ease the pain.

Kimberly L. Verified Buyer

Try it! What do you have to lose? Pain and anxiety maybe! YaY!

If you are new to this movement as I am, I think that you will be pleased with this and all of the CBD Living products. I waited a while before sharing my thoughts as I wanted to really give an honest testimony based on the results after using their products for a few months. There is something so easy and convenient about using the gel capsule that I find appealing. Definitely a product worth trying for yourself!

Final Thoughts

CBD Living has been around for some time now and with a large team of talented people who watched the global hemp industry develop by lab-testing claims on other company’s products they saw many gaps between what people were advertising and the level of expertise that companies were bringing to the CBD extraction process, so they quickly recognized that they had an opportunity to push the envelope on the science of CBD, and they did just that!

CBD Living is now an international, world-class company producing CBD products that are far superior to most other hemp-derived CBD products on the market thanks to global scientists, talented business minds, and thought leaders that all came together to form CBD Living.

CBD Living offers a vast array of high-quality CBD products that are sure to meet different preferences and lifestyles like CBD Living’s Broad-Spectrum 25mg CBD Gel Caps. CBD Living Gel Caps are broad-spectrum, vegan-friendly formulations that use nano-technology to increase bioavailability, they are also THC-free, and the CBD used in these gel caps is organically grown on farms in Colorado at a state-licensed hemp farm and extraction facility. CBD Living products are also all fair trade which allows extractors and manufacturers the ability to be paid a fair wage above market rates. These products are never tested on animals!

In our opinion, CBD Living’s Broad-Spectrum 25mg CBD Gel Caps and all CBD Living products are products you can trust to be safe, effective, lab-tested, and BTW, all test results are readily available right on their website which is a big plus when you’re looking for CBD you can trust. And with thousands of happy customers backing these products, CBD Living is a company that we feel is definitely worth checking out!

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