CBD Oil, Some Things You Absolutely Need To Know


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CBD is everywhere you look these days and there’s a lot of information available, but not all of it is useful. Some information is just plain inaccurate, and some of it is downright wrong. So we decided to help you stop sifting through tireless amounts of information and offer a one-stop information shop for CBD Oil that you can refer to.

So, Here Is Our List Of The 9 Things You Absolutely Need To Know About CBD Oil!

1. Buying CBD Oil Online Comes From Hemp Not Marijuana

Hemp refers to strains of Cannabis sativa which are essentially THC-free and have no recreational value. The value of hemp is in the health benefits of the CBD-rich resinous hemp flowers from which CBD oil is extracted.

2. CBD Oil Is 100% THC-Free And Won’t Get You High

Obviously, we can’t speak for everyone who sells CBD oil but there are many manufacturers that definitely offer CBD oils that are 100% free of THC, the compound found in marijuana that causes a high. CBD oil is an all-natural, completely safe to use product. 

3. CBD Oil Is 100% Non-Toxic

CBD is a non-toxic compound and you could literally eat a brick of CBD and not experience any long-term effects. Sure, you might feel a little full and sleep really well, but you can’t overdose on CBD oil, and of course, we don’t recommend trying this, ever!

4. CBD Oil Is Non-Addictive

To say that CBD oil is non-addictive is an understatement. The truth of the matter is that CBD helps to regulate processes in the brain which are responsible for addictive behaviors. It’s even used in drug and alcohol rehabs to help patients kick their habits. You might get addicted to how great you feel when using CBD oil, but you can never get addicted to CBD itself.

5. CBD Oil Is Not Illegal

Some people may argue that it is, but the real truth is that it’s completely legal for you to purchase CBD oil online. Most CBD manufacturers employ a literal army of expensive lawyers that have looked into this issue and have assured them that it is legal, and in fact, there are no known cases where someone has been convicted of a crime for buying or using CBD oil.

There are numerous, documented cases of law enforcement agencies that have mistakenly raided stores that sell CBD oil, but in almost all instances, the case is thrown out of court. Also, you might run across someone who will ask, “if it’s legal then why are laws being passed in states to make it legal?”

The laws are not being passed to make hemp CBD oil legal, they are actually being passed to help make it legal for doctors to recommend the use of CBD for treating a disease.

6. The Way You Use CBD Oil Will Make A Difference

If you take 10mg of edible CBD and 10mg of vaped CBD you will not get the same benefits or effects, depending on the method of consumption there will be a higher bioavailability, meaning more of it will get into your bloodstream.

Vaping tends to have a very high bioavailability which offers almost immediate effects, edibles, however, have a much lower bioavailability and take longer to take effect and tinctures fall somewhere in between. But, this doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, for instance, edibles are better for treating stomach and intestinal issues because they deliver the CBD right where it’s needed.

7. There Are Two Main Types Of CBD Oil

This could certainly be broken down further, but we will keep it simple for now. There are two main types of CBD oil, one is full-spectrum extracts and the other is concentrates which contain the same amount of cannabinoids and terpenes as the original plant. The combined effect of these compounds is known as the entourage effect.

Then there are CBD oils that are made with purified CBD isolate, and there are different reasons for using them. Full-spectrum products are generally better for dietary supplementation, overall health, mood regulation, stress relief and so on, CBD isolate on the other hand is good for conditions that involve the brain and central nervous system.

Interestingly enough, Epidiolex is the only drug made from cannabis that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of some seizure disorders and is essentially CBD isolate. Keep one thing in mind, 10mg of CBD isolate gives you just that, but a serving of full-spectrum CBD oil that contains 10mg of CBD also provides added benefits from compounds like terpenes and other cannabinoids.

8. Hemp Oil Is Not CBD Oil

Simply put, hemp oil is made from hemp seeds, just like corn oil is made from corn, there is no CBD in hemp oil. However, hemp extract is made from the plant’s flowers, CBD oil is made from hemp extract.

9. You Won’t Fail A Drug Test If You Take CBD Oil

CBD oil made from hemp won’t cause you to fail a drug test, in fact, CBD is different enough from THC that it won’t even cause a false positive on a THC drug test. The most common test which is urinalysis only looks for metabolites of THC.

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