CBD Therapeutics Pet CBD Salmon Oil Review

CBD Therapeutics Pet CBD Salmon Oil


95 out of 100



  • Safe For Pets
  • THC-Free
  • Non-Psychoactive, Non-Toxic, & Non-Sedating
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
  • Powerful Antioxidants


  • Does Not Ship Internationally


CBD Therapeutics Pet CBD Salmon Oil 150mg

cbd therapeutics pet


CBD Therapeutics is a British Columbia based manufacturer and purveyor of certified solvent-free cannabidiol formulations. Even though CBD Therapeutics is a fairly new company their products are being used by Canadians from all walks of life, and one of their more popular products is CBD Therapeutics Pet CBD Salmon Oil and it’s receiving positive reviews everywhere you look.

CBD Oils have been shown to help dogs with a wide variety of ailments and more and more pet owners are looking for alternative natural remedies for their furry friends. The one question that probably gets asked more often than not, is CBD Oil safe for my pet? The answer is a resounding yes since they are non-toxic and free of THC.

The benefits of giving your dog CBD Therapeutics Pet CBD Salmon Oil are many and include things like:

Treating Seizures And Epilepsy

Can Help Boost Appetite

Relief From Chronic Pain And Arthritis

Can Help Prevent And Fight Cancer

Reduce Anxiety

Can Help With Cardiovascular Issues

These are only some of the benefits that CBD Oils offer and CBD Therapeutics has carefully formulated this natural remedy for pets to be THC-free and safe for your pet. This oil is crafted using wild Alaskan Salmon oil and the same high-quality, organic MCT oil found in all of their human products.


Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, CO2 Extracted CBD Isolate.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will My Dog Get High Using CBD Oil?

No, CBD is not psychoactive. CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound found in cannabis and hemp. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can also be found in cannabis and it’s this compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. Most CBD oils are just that, the beneficial CBD without the THC and they typically come from hemp, not marijuana. So, your dog won’t get “high” from CBD oil but he will get the relaxation without the intoxication.

  • Is CBD Safe For Pets?

Yes, provided the product formulation is entirely free of THC. CBD is non-psychoactive, non-toxic, and non-sedating and has shown no potential for overdose in animals or humans, however, always follow dosing guidelines closely and be sure to consult a veterinarian before administering CBD to young or pregnant animals.

  • What Dose Should I Give My Pet?

It’s recommended you give a dosage of 0.5 milligrams CBD per 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) of body weight. If you wish to increase your pet’s dose, consult a veterinarian beforehand.

  • This Contains Salmon Oil, Should I Refrigerate It?

Refrigerating this product isn’t necessary, CBD Therapeutics made sure to formulate these products to be shelf-stable. The salmon oil is augmented with two powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E and Rosmarinic Acid which keep it from spoiling at room temperature. Conveniently, the only other ingredients, CBD and organic MCT oil, also act as antioxidants and mild antibacterial agents.

Final Thoughts

CBD Oil for pets can help with so many ailments in the same way it works wonders for us humans. Our Border Collie “Ruby” is a glowing example of what CBD Oil can do. When she was only a few months old she was chasing her favorite squeaky ball and injured her right leg, in fact, she seemed to have a fairly serious problem and stopped chasing her ball, running, walking, and almost every other kind of activity.

It got to the point where she would wake up from a nap and couldn’t even put any weight on that leg, so off to our veterinarian we went. He examined her, took Xrays, and was unable to determine what the problem might be, so rest and time was the only answer. Well, that didn’t help and having to watch our girl live like she was, was something both my husband and me just couldn’t live with. Fortunately, a friend of ours was giving CBD to her dog and the amazing benefits that old girl was getting helped us make the decision to give it a try.

Within an amazingly short time, our girl was running around the yard and doing things at such high speed that it really made us believers in CBD products and what they have to offer. To be honest, we never expected Ruby to get any better without painful and costly surgeries and all I can say is that she is a healthy, happy and active 2-year-old girl, and I can’t recommend CBD Therapeutics Pet CBD Salmon Oil enough. If your pet is suffering from any kind of ailment and you are looking for a non-toxic, safe and natural remedy, then this is definitely worth trying!

*Note – Not Available At This Time. This Product Will Be Available Again Soon In Canada And The U.S.

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