CBD2HEAL Pure CBD Review – See What We Found!


95 out of 100



  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Made From non-GMO Mature Industrial Hemp Stalks
  • THC-Free
  • Made In Canada
  • Team With 40 Years Combined Experience


  • Dropper Is A Little On The Small Side


CBD2HEAL Pure CBD 500mg Tincture

cbd2heal tincture 500mg

Not too terribly long ago, the Canadian CBD marketplace was a rather lonely place to be if you were looking for any kind of CBD product that was available to the public without having to quietly skirt around all of the government restrictions and so on.

Fortunately, the Canadian government after a painfully exhausting and inordinate amount of time, decided that CBD in Canada would be legal and available to anyone of legal age, ( age restrictions vary from province to province ).

The Canadian CBD marketplace is growing and with growth comes a lot of new and promising companies, some doing everything they can to provide the safest and most effective products possible, while others, well, just don’t. In our quest to provide the most accurate information possible about some of the best CBD Canada has to offer, we came across a Toronto-based company called CBD2HEAL.

CBD2HEAL is a Canadian company that carries a wide selection of luxury CBD products from non-GMO mature industrial hemp stalks. CBD2HEAL boasts an impressive combined total of 40 years of experience in Business Operations, Medicine, Marketing & IT. The CBD2HEAL team of experts has streamlined the entire process to ensure they are in compliance with GMP Canada.

One of CBD2HEAL’s most popular products we tested is their CBD2HEAL Pure CBD 500mg Tincture. This high-quality CBD tincture is third-party lab tested ( extremely important ), Organic and non-GMO, THC-free, and provides dosage consistency.

One thing to remember is that every person is different and will experience different results, that is why we gave this product some time to get into our systems so we could offer a review that was as accurate as possible.

So what did we find?

Let’s Start With Color

Color may not be too terribly important to some, but it should be. All CBD oils go through an extraction process in order to separate the useful hemp extract from the rest of the raw plant materials. The two most common extraction methods are ethanol extraction and CO2 extraction. Once the oil has been extracted it needs a carrier oil in order to make it easy to consume, the most common carrier oils are coconut MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and olive oil.

The type and color of the carrier oil plays a big part in determining the color of the finished product. CBD2HEAL’s Pure CBD Tincture 500mg is completely colorless, it contains Organic MTC oil as the carrier, and ethanol extraction was used.

A couple of other things to consider about color is that ethanol extraction tends to extract other things like chlorophyll which CO2 extraction doesn’t. Chlorophyll imparts a green hue to the finished product but it can be filtered out, however, in many cases, chlorophylls presence is desired since it is a natural component of hemp.


Taste is a pretty big deal for most people. If something has an off-putting taste then quite obviously it won’t be terribly easy to consume, fortunately, we found CBD2HEAL’s Pure CBD Tincture 500mg to be very neutral-tasting, in fact, it had no taste at all which makes this oil perfect for anyone who doesn’t like the somewhat earthy flavor that some CBD oils tend to have.


Like we mentioned at the beginning of this review, every person is different and will experience different results. The first thing I noticed was how much easier it was not only to fall asleep but to keep sleeping without waking up on a regular basis, my hubby also experienced the same thing when it was time to get some much-needed rest, which is certainly a welcome thing considering the stress I am sure we are all experiencing these days. The other significant result was with my hubby Mark, and we have talked about this in other reviews, for many years he has been struggling with arthritis and sciatic issues and about ten years ago tore his knee up at work.

CBD2HEAL’s Pure CBD Tincture 500mg is starting to help ease some of the discomfort he experiences every day, in fact, maybe a little faster compared to some others we have tried, a positive thing for sure but a little more time will be needed to see the full effect of this oil, and at some point, he will probably move up to a stronger dose at which time we will update everyone on how that is working.

Overall, this appears to be a safe and effective product that is easy to consume.

Product Features

• Third-Party Lab Tested

• Made From non-GMO Mature Industrial Hemp Stalks

• THC-Free

• Made In Canada

• Products Developed And Manufactured By A Team With 40 Years Combined Experience

What Customers Are Saying

Ilana – Verified Review – May 31, 2021

I find this product works really well for my anxiety as well as for ensuring a deep restful sleep.

Suzanne P. – Verified Review – March 1, 2021

Great product! From the first night I used it I actually slept a full 7 hours without tossing a turning from pain. I highly recommend it.

David Doyle – Verified Review – February 24, 2021

Once in your system eases the pain for my neuropathy in my fingers.

Final Thoughts

With the legalization of CBD in Canada, it took too long in our opinion, Canadians now have access to a wide variety of quality Canadian-owned and operated CBD brands. One of those brands is Toronto-based CBD2HEAL.

Our experience with CBD2HEAL was one of the best we’ve had in a long time. This company offers an amazing 40 years combined experience with a  customer support team that was there whenever we had any questions, and ordering and shipping was fast and easy. What we really like about this company is that transparency is a big part of how they conduct business, what you see is what you get. Lab test results are readily available right on their website, a crucial factor when deciding whether a CBD product is worth having a look at.

Another thing we liked about CBD2HEAL is the fact that they have a large inventory of high-quality CBD products like their CBD2HEAL Pure CBD 500mg Tincture, so no matter what you’re looking for you will have no trouble finding something that suits your needs.

Again, like we mentioned earlier we gave this product a couple of weeks to get into our systems and we did find it to be effective for the things that we were looking for it to help us with, but keeping in mind everyone is different and will experience different results.

CBD2HEAL is a Canadian company that offers a wide variety of products with more on the way that are grown and manufactured in Canada that you can trust. Customer service is second to none, and they offer fast nationwide shipping to any destination in Canada. So in our opinion, CBD2HEAL is definitely worth checking out!

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