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FAB CBD Keto Friendly Vegan Superfoods


95 out of 100



  • Keto-Friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • 80+ Key Micro-Nutrients
  • Zero Hemp Extract
  • Tastes Amazing


  • Nothing Bad Here

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FAB CBD Keto-Friendly Vegan Superfoods

fabcbd superfoods

FAB CBD is a relative newcomer to the ever-expanding CBD landscape. Established in 2017, the Florida based company does, however, have an impressive resume with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, health, fitness, and supplement market.

FAB CBD was originally started to help family members feel better and get away from over the counter medications and improve the overall health of family and friends, and the Folks at FAB CBD work hard every day learning about the science and clinical studies being done within the industry.

The team at FAB CBD claim to be nerdy, health nuts, and fitness junkies and to us this appears to be 100% accurate.

Even though FAB CBD’s inventory of products is small compared to others, what they lack in quantity they more than make up for it with quality. All FAB CBD products are made with 100% organic Colorado-grown hemp, except for their newest creation which was formulated to support your daily active lifestyle. However, CBD still figures prominently in the decision to create FAB CBD’s new Keto-Friendly Vegan Superfoods. These superfoods will help you absorb your CBD more effectively and efficiently, but that’s not all these superfoods can do!

Fab CBD’s superfoods are a powerful blend of 80 plus key micro-nutrients that will aid in the removal of harmful toxins, boost energy, and reduce inflammation, and they come in two amazing flavors, Citrus Mojito, and Cocoa Crisp.

Product Features And Benefits

• Detox and Cleans

• Digestion

• Hydrate and Restore

• Nootropic

• Micro-Nutrition

• Immune Function

• Mental Clarity

• Energy

• Muscle Preservation

What Is A Superfood?

Superfoods are found to be mostly plant-based and nutritionally dense. FAB CBD has gone and packed as many forms of superfoods into this one product. They’ve hand picked dozens of vegetables, fruits, and other premium sources of nutrition and micro-nutrition in order to help us fuel our bodies.

Premium Superfood Blend:

We’ve all heard it before, skip the sugary, premade juices and smoothies. With these superfood blends, you can get your superfood nutrients in one single serving a day. This blend of Ashwagandha, Turmeric, and more than 50 plus Reds and Greens provides a very tasty mix that is potent and effective. It’s also super easy to make, just add water.

Probiotics And Gut Health:

These superfood blends will help support your body’s natural digestive process and pH balance using a premium blend of Probiotics, Amino Acids, and Electrolytes.

Micro-Nutrients, Adaptogens, And Nootropics:

These key nutrients are essential for our brains and bodies to function at optimal levels. FAB CBD selected crucial ingredients like Organic Lions Mane, L-Theanine, Organic Matcha Green Tea Leaf, and Pine Bark Extract that all help to support mental clarity, reduce occasional stress, and aid in immune function.

These superfood blends are Non-CBD powder blends, they include zero hemp extracts and are Vegan, Gluten-Free, KETO-Friendly, Non-GMO, Dairy-Free, and Soy-Free.

What Customers Are Saying

Linda 10/03/19

Citrus Mojito tastes insane!

I have tried almost every single greens powder and superfood product out there. I take it every day. Some taste ok, there are a few that aren’t bad. BUT, this Citrus Mojito flavor is hands down the best tasting superfood greens based product I’ve ever tried. It takes exactly like it sounds. I have been drinking full shaker bottles worth on ice and love it! Great job guys, this is amazing!

Final Thoughts

The first thing we noticed about FAB CBD was the rather small inventory of products available, but the other thing we noticed was the large number of positive reviews from happy, satisfied customers, this is why we mentioned earlier in the review that what they lack in quantity they more than make up for it with quality.

FAB CBD is the source for some of the best CBD oils for sale anywhere, but now they are offering a new potent and effective product that contains zero hemp extract, but this doesn’t mean CBD still doesn’t figure prominently in their decision to create this new product.

FAB CBD’s new Keto-Friendly Vegan Superfoods were 2 years in the making and are a unique and powerful blend of Ashwagandha, Turmeric, and more than 50 plus Reds and Greens that will not only help your brain and body function at optimal levels but will also help you absorb your CBD more effectively and efficiently.

Even though FAB CBD is a relative newcomer to the CBD marketplace, the combination of over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, health, fitness, and supplement market along with a passion to help every single customer reach their happy place through proper nutrition makes FAB CBD a company to pay attention to now, and in the years to come, and this is also why we think that FAB CBD’s new Keto-Friendly Vegan Superfoods are definitely worth checking out!

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