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Kanibi Enhanced CBD Sports Cream

kanibi sports cream

The market is flooded with emerging CBD products, the latest of which is Kanibi. Since Kanibi was founded in 2019, learning anything about the company’s background was a bit challenging. In fact, Kanibi was not even on our radar until one of our readers suggested that we look into what these folks were doing.

The two most important things that caught our attention were that co-founder Trevor Hiltbrand holds nothing back and that Kanibi double-third-party tests all of their products. The company is all about openness and quality.
Trevor is also involved with a firm called Transparent Labs which makes a premium line of protein and wellness drinks, so Kanibi CBD is not his first foray into the health supplement industry.

As I said earlier, Trevor holds nothing back when it comes to disclosing information about each and every product they sell, and both businesses share a commitment to transparency and high standards.

When compared to other businesses, Kanibi doesn’t have the widest selection of products, but what they do offer are high-quality items created entirely from hemp cultivated in the United States. In order to achieve a full-spectrum CBD blend, Kanibi’s CBD oil is made from phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp, which has very low, non-psychoactive THC levels and high quantities of high-quality CBD.

Kanibi Enhanced CBD Sports Cream is one of the company’s top-selling products. Pure, CBD-rich oil from top Kentucky-grown hemp plants is added to this cooling sports cream. Kanibi Sports Cream is packaged in a really hip, cutting-edge dispenser that takes care of mess and inconvenience. Sports Cream by Kanibi has a light, silky texture that immediately absorbs into your skin and leaves no greasy residue.

Simply apply this extremely effective sports cream directly to problem areas for immediate and targeted results. It is ideal for treating athletic stress and soreness as well as general aches and pains.

Product Features

• Double Third-Party Lab Tested

• 100% Organic USA Grown Hemp

• Natural Ingredients

• 6 – 8 mg CBD Per Pump. 30 – 40 Pumps Per Bottle

• Fast Absorbing Formula

• Made In The USA

The KANIBI Promise

“At KANIBI we’ve committed to providing science-backed CBD nutrition and education without compromise. All products are double 3rd party tested and sourced from the cleanest US grown, PCR hemp plants available.”

 Trevor Hiltbrand, Co-Founder KANIBI

What Customers Are Saying

Joanne R. Verified Purchase

Great product for the price! Smells really nice and seems to work fast. I was skeptical of cbd topicals at first, but have since gotten my whole family using it.

Daniel R. Verified Purchase

I prob use this a bit too habitually now. But feels sooo good. Five stars. Cheers.

Aaron C. Verified Purchase

Really enjoying this CBD cream. I’ve got my family hooked on it too. Definitely helps and best I’ve tried.

Final Thoughts

Even though we were unable to uncover much information about the company’s past, what we did learn about Kanibi CBD is very positive. Because so many brand-new CBD businesses are entering the market these days, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to figure out who to trust.

Fortunately, Trevor Hiltbrand, a co-founder of Kanibi, has been working hard to raise the bar, which they have done. Because of their dedication to excellence, openness, customer service, and support, we believe Kanibi stands apart from the competition. When you consider how much goes into creating one of the best new products on the market, Kanibi still manages to keep things straightforward by using simple ingredients that are made in the USA, are chemical and gluten-free, have undergone two independent third-party tests (this is significant), and are powerful and effective.

Another major accomplishment Kanibi has made in such a short period of time is building a sizable base of devoted clients, and it’s clear why when you visit their website and read the customer reviews. The Kanibi Enhanced CBD Sports Cream is one of Kanibi’s top sellers and client favorites. The one feature of this product that we truly enjoy is the pump dispenser on the bottle. While this feature isn’t particularly revolutionary, it does make applying the cream simple and guarantees speedy absorption to the affected areas.

This Sports Cream’s CBD is made entirely organically from hemp grown in Kentucky. Natural ingredients like aloe, eucalyptus, rosemary, and arnica are added to this highly efficient Sports Cream to create a soothing, non-greasy cream that is ideal for treating everyday aches and pains as well as athletic stress and discomfort.

The fact that there are new companies like Kanibi working hard to stand out from the competition and genuinely provide a product that consumers can trust both now and in the future is refreshing in a time when markets are overflowing with options. For this reason, we believe that Kanibi’s Enhanced CBD Sports Cream and all Kanibi products are definitely worth the money!

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