Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil Soft Gels Review


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil Soft Gels

Manitoba Harvest Founder Mike Fata was looking for a way to transform his life in a big way. Mike used to weigh 300 pounds and was simply sick and tired of being sick and tired, so he decided it was time for a change. Mike overhauled his diet, focusing on protein, good fats, and fibre, all nutrients found in hemp foods. Since hemp played an essential role in his health transformation he wanted everyone to be able to try them.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil Soft Gels are a high-quality, convenient way to get your omegas while on the run. Hemp oil soft gels don’t have to be refrigerated and have a longer shelf life than hemp oil and each capsule has an almost perfect balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids. All Manitoba Harvest products are grown sustainably without the use of herbicides or pesticides and are non-GMO project verified.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil Soft Gels Features And Benefits

• Cold Pressed From Hemp Seed That Is Grown Sustainably Without Herbicides Or Pesticides

• Each Capsule Has An Almost Perfect Balance Of Omega 3 And Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids

• This Hemp Oil Is Non-GMO Project Verified

• Made Without Preservatives

• Convenient And Perfect Way To Get Your Omegas While On The Run


Cold-pressed hemp seed oil, gelatin, glycerine, water, caramel powder.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Quantity Of CBD In This Product?

There is no CBD in hemp seed oil, cannabinoids are not found in the seeds.

  • Is This THC Free?

Yes, this product is THC-free.

  • Do These Products Contain Any Known Allergins?

Hemp seed, which is the primary ingredient in all of Manitoba Harvest’s products, contains no known allergens.

Final Thoughts

Manitoba Harvest is committed to quality and that’s why they have adopted a seed-to-shelf approach, controlling everything from what hemp seed gets planted, to how their products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed. Safety is also a priority for Manitoba Harvest, their hemp seeds go through over 34 tests throughout the production process before leaving the facility.

If you are someone who doesn’t like the taste of raw, organic hemp oils, then Manitoba Harvest Hemp Oil Soft Gels are probably the best option for you since they generally have no taste when swallowed quickly with water. This is a quality product that is safe and effective and is definitely worth trying.

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