Pure Canna Organics Full Spectrum CBD Coffee Review – Coupon Code

Pure Canna Organics Full Spectrum CBD Coffee


95 out of 100



  • 100% Arabica Beans
  • Organic
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil             
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Hemp Grown Organically In The USA


  • Somewhat Limited Product Selection

Pure Canna Organics Full Spectrum CBD Coffee

pure canna organics coffee

We like to provide our readers with as much info about the company and the people behind the scenes as we can when we do these reviews, but we really couldn’t find much information about Pure Canna Organics, what we did manage to find is very positive indeed.

Pure Canna Organics is headquartered in Mesa Arizona and works closely with their partner farm in Oregon where they source their hemp. Pure Canna Organics hemp flower is 20% CBD we are told and is organically grown and processed in their own lab. The one thing that we liked right off the bat is that Pure Canna Organics actually makes an effort to make all of their products affordable for everyone and like they say, There should be no need for you to “break the bank” to stay healthy & happy.

All of Pure Canna Organics CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants grown in the USA and you will never find any pesticides, heavy metals, or any other non-natural ingredients in any of their products. They infuse all of their products with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract that contains less than 0.3% THC, which means you get not only CBD but other cannabinoids as well to create the entourage effect.

The folks at Pure Canna Organics are always looking for ways to help us experience the many benefits of CBD, so they decided to create a way for coffee lovers to not only enjoy their coffee but also enjoy the benefits of full-spectrum CBD at the same time.

Pure Canna Organics has now teamed up with an amazing organic coffee roaster and created a medium-dark roast coffee blend. They infuse their CBD at the time of grinding which not only provides a great tasting cup of coffee but also no separation of oil that happens with other CBD coffee blends. Every 6oz ( 2tbs ) coffee cup has 12.5mg of Full-Spectrum CBD.

Product Features

• Contains No Pesticides

• Made With Non-GMO Ingredients

• Contains No Heavy Metals

• CBD Oil Is 100% Natural

• Never Any “High Feeling” Under 0.03% THC

• Hemp Grown Organically In The USA

• Third-Party Lab Tested

Pure Canna Organics 3-Step Process

1. The Hemp Farm

The first step in any CBD journey is sourcing the highest-quality hemp. The hemp strain that Pure Canna Organics chose for their extract is called “Lifter”. This hemp strain has an 18% CBD content and they only process the Flower of the hemp plant, not the stalks, stems, or leaves.

Their partner farm uses organic farming methods, the farm never uses any outside fertilizers, only cow manure from their dairy farm. The farm Pure Canna Organics chose to partner with is FDA inspected and all hemp is under the 0.3% THC level.

2. The CBD Extraction

The second step is the extraction process. Once Pure Canna Organics has the hemp in their possession at their lab in Arizona their chemist can begin the CBD extraction. They activate the hemp first to ensure the cannabinoids are ready to be extracted. Once the hemp is activated they place it into their custom-built dual reactors with multiple filtration systems, this is where the THC is lowered and other impurities are filtered out.

Once all the steps have been completed the CBD extract is put into containers and Desert Valley Testing comes and picks up a sample for potency testing.

3. The CBD Infusion

In this step, Pure Canna Organics takes their full-spectrum extract and infuses it into other mediums to create their final products. Their chemist carefully measures out the CBD extract and the hemp oil to ensure it’s at the right potency and once again they have Desert Valley Testing come by and pick up a sample of each of their tinctures and take them to the lab for COA  testing.

Final Thoughts

Pure Canna Organics is a relative newcomer to the CBD industry and even though we couldn’t find out much about the company and the people behind the scenes, what we did find we liked.

Pure Canna Organics doesn’t have a huge inventory of products just yet, but what they do have is a decent amount of high-quality, affordable CBD products that will easily satisfy most needs. One of those high-quality is products is their Pure Canna Organics Full Spectrum CBD Coffee. This coffee is sourced from only the highest-quality growers and is certified organic. The Beans are 100% arabica and freshly ground in-store, in small batches when you order from their website.

Pure Canna Organic’s mission is simple, provide a natural product that works great. They never cut any corners in the production process, their prices are affordable, and if they don’t trust giving it to their families they won’t sell it to their customers.

We think Pure Canna Organics has done a great job at being able to offer high-quality CBD products that are affordable for everyone like their Pure Canna Organics Full Spectrum CBD Coffee. There are many benefits to drinking coffee alone, but once you add in Pure Canna Organics high-quality cannabidiol the benefits just shoot through the roof which is why we think Pure Canna Organics Full Spectrum CBD Coffee is definitely worth checking out!

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