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Pure Relief Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Mint 1000mg

pure relief 1000mg mint cbd oil

Okay, so who is Pure Relief CBD? Let’s find out!

Pure Relief CBD was founded and developed by former tire store owner Michael Melton who saw CBD as a way to help fight the opioid epidemic in his home state of North Carolina.

The national opioid epidemic and its effect on the people closest to Melton that were battling drug addiction really opened his eyes to CBD. Even though the CBD industry was, and still is growing by leaps and bounds, from a business point of view it would only make sense to jump in as soon as possible, but according to Melton, his reason for taking his time was a personal one.

Melton wanted to make his first priority one that was able to change as many lives as possible for the better, and once that was done everything else would follow, and it did, Pure Relief CBD was established in 2018 and hit the ground running!

Pure Relief CBD is dedicated to providing the best CBD products that can help people find their moments of relief. Educating their customers is also a priority by making sure they understand how CBD is made and how hemp-derived products can improve their lives.

Pure Relief CBD doesn’t carry as many products as some other brands, but what they do offer is high-quality, safe, and effective and one of those top-selling products is their Pure Relief Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Mint 1000mg.

This full-spectrum CBD oil only contains ingredients from organic hemp plants and natural mint flavor making this CBD oil completely natural. Equally important, this full-spectrum CBD oil is tested by third-party laboratories to ensure they comply with the highest quality standards and all industry requirements.

What Is Full-Spectrum Mint CBD Oil?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is one of the most powerful ingredients found in the hemp plant. Pure Relief combines pure CBD oil and a blend of organic compounds also obtained from hemp. These hemp-derived compounds are known to work in synergy to enhance the natural effects of CBD, making this 1000mg mint flavor oil a potent CBD product that promotes wellness naturally without any chemical solvents or other artificial ingredients.

Why Choose Pure Relief CBD Oil?

Because of CBD’s natural benefits, people all over the planet are adding CBD to their daily routines, and used daily CBD may help to support your immune system naturally and promote physical and mental well-being. Pure Relief’s 1000mg mint CBD oil contains ingredients from organic hemp plants and natural mint flavor. This CBD oil is also tested by third-party laboratories to ensure Pure Relief complies with the highest quality standards and all industry requirements.

How To Use Pure Relief CBD Oils?

Pure Relief CBD Oils were created with their users in mind. That’s why each of their CBD oils comes with a practical dropper for ease of use. For best results, Pure Relief recommends a CBD dosage of one full dropper once or twice a day. These CBD oils can be taken directly or mixed into your favorite beverages.

What Customers Are Saying


Great resource for people with anxiety.

I have really bad anxiety and these have helped me avoid having to take other prescription medications. I hate having to take prescription pills but the oil has helped me stay calm and relaxed throughout the day.

Lee B. Verified Buyer

My preferred brand.

Great quality, full spectrum tincture. Helps with my pain, anxiety & tastes good (mint). So reasonably priced as compared to others. My preferred brand!

Alycia V. Verified Buyer

This is the first cbd product I have ever tried. It has already improved my quality of life. My back aches and headaches are gone, most importantly my anxiety is nonexistent and my mood has improved as well.

Final Thoughts

Good ideas and great products are, in most cases, the result of a need to solve a problem that people are having. Pure Relief CBD founder Michael Melton was all too familiar with a big problem in his home state of North Carolina, an almost out of control opioid epidemic.

When the national opioid epidemic became a personal issue, Melton decided to do something that could help the people around him who were struggling with drug addiction, that is when he started researching and discovering what CBD had to offer. Shortly after, Pure Relief CBD was established.

Pure Relief CBD offers high-quality CBD products like their Pure Relief Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Mint 1000mg. This full-spectrum CBD oil is uniquely formulated containing a mix of cannabinoids that help to create an effective entourage effect.

Not only do they provide some of the most effective and safe CBD products, but they work hard to make sure their customers understand how CBD is made and how their products can help improve their lives, education is a big part of what makes this company so successful.

Pure Relief CBD offers a good choice of products that are sure to satisfy most needs, and judging by the large number of happy customers they have, we think Pure Relief CBD is definitely worth checking out!

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