Savage CBD Driven CBD EJuice 1000mg Blueberry Review

Savage CBD Driven CBD EJuice 1000mg Blueberry


100 out of 100



  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Great Tasting
  • Lab Tested
  • Affordable
  • Exceptional Customer Service


  • Limited Return Policy


Savage CBD Driven CBD EJuice 1000mg Blueberry

savage cbd driven ejuice

Like any review we do, we like to provide as much information about the company and the people behind the products as we possibly can. Savage CBD doesn’t seem to offer a whole lot about the company and its history, but what we did find was encouraging.

To begin with, we had some issues accessing things so we emailed support and Chris responded to our requests quickly, very quickly in fact, and was extremely helpful and friendly, a big plus in our opinion! Having said that, we found out is that Savage CBD is a California-based company with a dedicated team of 12 that includes CEO Chris Wheeler and CFO Matt Winters.

Savage CBD works hard at providing top-quality, lab-tested, natural alternatives that are affordably priced. Savage CBD products are all-natural, hemp-derived CBD with the purest ingredients. Each batch is carefully tested to ensure quality, consistency, taste, and authenticity.

Savage CBD offers a full line of full-spectrum CBD products and one of their top-selling products is their Savage CBD Driven CBD EJuice 1000mg Blueberry Flavor. This CBD EJuice is a great-tasting candied blueberry with notes of sour razzmatazz that really drives this vape flavor home. Savage CBD carefully mixes these flavors to work well with any vape device.

Savage CBD is one of the largest go-to brands in the CBD industry and in the Vape, Eliquid, and Ejuice industry. There are many CBD Ejuices on the market, but none of them quite stack up to what Savage CBD has to offer. Savage CBD’s motto is full transparency, high-quality CBD products at a low cost so everyone can enjoy the benefits of CBD. Savage CBD is very much a proactive company that is always working hard at staying one step ahead of the competition in the CBD and Ejuice industry.

Savage CBD took a hard look at the CBD industry and saw that a lot of companies were falling short. It seemed as though there were a lot of CBD Ejuice products on the market, but the biggest issue was the fact that many of them just didn’t taste great. So, Savage CBD hired on a team of mixologists and chemists that were able to nearly perfect the CBD Ejuice mixing process, which now means you can always count on getting a good-tasting, clear liquid with every bottle of CBD Ejuice.

Since Savage CBD’s parent company, Savage Enterprises, is a dominator in the Ejuice industry it’s no secret they already know how to craft near-perfect flavors. Taking the ripest blueberries and raspberries and throwing in some notes of sour they crafted the flavor that’s well known today as Driven.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does This Product Have Any THC?

Savage CBD tests every new batch of CBD. Tests indicate that there are undetectable amounts of THC.

  • Will This Product Affect My Ability To Function?

No, this product doesn’t contain any THC, which is the chemical that can impair functionality.

What Customers Are Saying

Tommy Evans on February 28, 2019


Some of the best CBD I have tried, can’t go wrong with anything that savage has!!!!

Julie on January 18, 2019

Best CBD Vape Juice I’ve Ever Tried!

The title says it all! I LOVE the flavor of Driven. It’s very tasty and flavorful. It eases my anxiety mainly, which is really great considering I have a LOT of anxiety and suffer from panic attacks as well. It does help ease pain a little (from my personal experience) I’ve only tried it at 250mg (which I originally purchased at a Vape Shop, but they will charge more at stores around me, so buying online is the best!) and I’ve tried 500mg. I just ordered 1000mg, so I feel like I can safely assume I won’t need to use as much of it. I go through 500mg within 3-4 weeks. But this is of course as I mix it with regular vape juices that go well with the flavor, and make it last longer. Mixing it is definitely not required, but will help it last longer. I am extremely impressed with this company because not only is it legit, but I get coupons sent to me which help A LOT with me saving money. Thank you Savage, keep up the great work I will always be a customer of yours! 🙂

Final Thoughts

It’s rare that we ever award a company a 10 out of 10 score, but here’s why we did this time. Customer service is a big thing in our opinion and it is for many who have ever had to contact customer support for whatever reason. There is nothing worse we think than trying to contact a company only to find yourself waiting and waiting, and when you do finally get a reply, it’s not at all helpful, and the person helping you is rude, been there, done that.

The amazing support we received from Chris at Savage CBD isn’t the only reason we like this company and its products, they offer all-natural, high-quality CBD products that are affordable, taste great, and the company maintains a moto that is all about transparency.

Savage CBD offers a wide variety of products so you should have no trouble finding what you need like Savage CBD’s incredibly great tasting Driven CBD EJuice 1000mg Blueberry Flavor, and judging by the large number of positive reviews they are getting, Savage CBD will be a go-to CBD brand for a long time to come, making Savage CBD definitely worth checking out in our opinion!

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