Some CBD Do’s And Don’ts – A Few Questions Answered

Some CBD Do’s And Don’ts – A Few Questions Answered

So, you figured out which CBD products are right for you and you made a purchase or two, awesome, but what do you do once those products show up at your front door? There’s still a lot of misinformation circulating around online about what CBD oil is and what the benefits of CBD oil are, or are not for that matter, so it’s no wonder really that the internet is full of headlines that are loaded with all the wrong information.

Whether it’s CBD oil, CBD edibles, or CBD creams, being armed with the most accurate information you can get is extremely important before starting any CBD regimen. So, here is a quick list of CBD Do’s and Don’ts.

1. Do Ensure Your CBD Contains Less Than 0.3% THC

The hemp plant by definition contains less than 0.3% THC, which as most of us know by now is barely enough to cause any kind of a “buzz”, and no “high” whatsoever. This is why it is so important to make sure that your CBD oil comes from hemp plants that contain only trace amounts of THC. The whole idea behind hemp-derived CBD is to enjoy the benefits without getting high.

There are far too many companies today that don’t pay enough attention to their standards on this, making sure everything is up to code when it comes to THC levels.

2. Don’t Buy CBD That Contains Any Synthetics

All-natural hemp-derived CBD oil is at the top of its class simply because it’s all-natural. I’m sure that some of you have seen the headlines out there that talk about companies that try and slip some kind of synthetics into their CBD products, all this is doing is diminishing the quality of the product and possibly making it dangerous for the user as well.

The whole idea of taking CBD oil in the first place is to improve your health and well-being, not to make yourself feel worse. You want to make sure that your CBD oil is made from 100% all-natural hemp cultivated on farms in the U.S. and abroad, and the best way to ensure this is:

3. Do Make Sure The CBD You Purchase Is Third-Party Lab Tested

Yup, the only way to ensure you’re getting the correct levels of THC, or no THC, and to guarantee that there are no added synthetics is to buy from a company that tests their products using third-party labs. Independent third-party labs guarantee the safety of the CBD oils that you buy and also help to ensure that the entire industry stays above board.

lab testing

Most CBD providers now put all of their lab tests online for everyone to see, and most use multiple labs to ensure the quality of their products. This is how they keep you safe, and what else do I need to know in order to be safe? Glad you asked:

4. Don’t Ignore Dosage Charts

Many CBD manufacturers provide handy dosage charts to help you know how much CBD oil is in every drop of CBD  you purchase, it’s just one more way they can guarantee your safety. Even though CBD is one of the safest compounds found on planet Earth, all good things come in moderation, taking too much CBD could cause drowsiness, and that’s something you don’t want during your workday.

Always start small and work your way up, you can always take more but it’s kinda hard to take less.

5. Don’t Give Your Pets Your CBD Oil

As tempting as it may be, and even though you might have read somewhere that it’s okay to give your pet your CBD, don’t! It’s not even a matter of lowering the dose, our pet’s physiology is different from ours, this is why they need their own special type of CBD oil.

CBD for cats and dogs is specially formulated for their bodies, and check with your vet to see if CBD for pets is right for your dog or cat. Just like it does for us, CBD can help your pet with all sorts of ailments from pain relief, to stress, and inflammation.

High-quality CBD is available from a number of trustworthy sources, and if you do a little research you will be rewarded with an effective and safe alternative to many of the toxic, over the counter medications we have all been exposed to for so many years.

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