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The Armoire Complete Organic BioChamber Kit


95 out of 100



  • 100% Organic Top-Rated Soil
  • Temperature Regulating Fans
  • Specialized Carbon Scrubber
  • Soil Moisture Meter
  • Certified Organic Nutrients & Additives


  • A Little Expensive


The Armoire Complete Organic BioChamber Kit


The Armoire Complete Organic BioChamber Kit is ultra discreet and looks like a piece of furniture you would see in any house. The Armoire is another great product offered by Green Goddess Supply who’s Founder and CEO has been selling online since the dawn of e-commerce in the mid-1990’s.

The Armoire is plug and play, can be shipped almost anywhere and requires minimal setup. Even though the Armoire was designed to specifically grow legal, auto-flowering cannabis, organically grown tomatoes, and other plants do quite well in this biochamber.

What’s In The Box?

You get a list of Green Goddess Supplies vetted, trusted online seed banks, or you can search the internet on your own if you want. The Armoire BioChamber comes with everything you need to start growing right away, you get the special proprietary light, fans, pot, soil, nutrients, meters, and camera.

The Armoire Complete Organic BioChamber Kit Features

the armoire biochamber

• Waterproof Wi-Fi Remote Viewing Camera

• Whisper Quiet Exhaust Fan With Protective System Grille

• Childproof Magnetic Locks

• Multiple Internal Chamber Temperature Regulating Fans

• A Specialized Carbon Scrubber

• A Cannabis Specific LED Grow Light

• Award Winning Certified Organic Soil

• Easy To Read Soil Moisture Meter

• Digital Thermometer And Humidity Module

• Certified Organic Nutrients And Additives To Get You Started

The Armoire BioChamber helps you tackle the toughest problems frequently encountered with poor quality systems. You are provided with 100% organic, top-rated soil and certified organic nutrients for your first grow cycle. No need to worry about mold, the proprietary LED grow light includes additional wavelengths that actually inhibit or kill any unwanted microbes.

No pesticides, nobody wants any pesticides. With no pests, you will never have a need for pesticides, ever! No pest, the morphology and immune system of the plant is your starting point. Therefore, pests don’t get a chance to thrive in the Armoire’s ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Green Goddess Supply has been selling high-quality products for a very long time and The Armoire Complete Organic BioChamber Kit is one of their most popular and best-selling products. Every product they create goes through rigorous testing until they are 100% sure each product will do what it was designed to do and stand the test of time.

The Armoire Complete Organic BioChamber Kit is so discreet no one will ever know you have your own highly efficient, organic biochamber right in your own home, and it’s great for growing things like tomatoes and other plants as well.

The Armoire Complete Organic BioChamber Kit is complete and ready to grow, and there’s an attractive finish available for everyone, so if you’re someone who is looking for a system that is efficient and fits anywhere in your home, then The Armoire Complete Organic BioChamber Kit might just be what you’re looking for.



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