What Is CBD And How Does It Work?


how cbd works

CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that is a naturally occurring substance in cannabis. It can be found in things like flowers, seeds, and the stalks of cannabis plants that include marijuana and hemp. Cannabidiol is among the more than 400 compounds that are found in cannabis sativa. CBD is no longer a little known and misunderstood thing, it’s now a potential breakthrough therapeutic aid and nutritional element. Unlike other cannabinoids, CBD occurs in rather large amounts in cannabis, therefore, its extraction from cannabis plants is really quite easy.

So, How Is Cannabidiol Made?

Cannabidiol Is Made Using Two Different Methods

1) Synthetically

CBD can be produced synthetically in a lab. However, synthetically produced CBD is generally a regulated substance and possessing it is legal under some specialized circumstances.

2) Naturally

CBD can be easily extracted from marijuana and hemp cannabis plants. The main difference between marijuana and hemp are the levels of THC. Marijuana is known to have a high THC level and is mainly used for recreational purposes, hemp however only has small traces of THC. The natural CBD in hemp is legal in the U.S while CBD in marijuana is illegal in the U.S. However, there is a rapid legalization happening state by state.

The push to legalize along with health reasons have increased the demand for marijuana, therefore, there is a large number of people that need an alternative cannabidiol source. Since CBD occurs naturally in hemp, which is legal CBD hemp topical and oil supplements are in demand.

So, How Does Cannabidiol Work?

Cannabidiol is basically an antipsychotic compound, but how this compound actually works remains unclear. However, studies have shown that cannabidiol seems to prevent the breakdown of the chemical that affects mood, pain, and mental function of the brain. It also seems to be able to effectively prevent THC psychoactive effects as well as curb pain and anxiety. Since it is non-psychoactive, CBD has not been dealt with like THC, in fact, CBD has been overlooked for some time due to marijuana’s psychoactive effects.

Additional research will be needed to further understand CBD since it is such a complex compound. CBD is a polypharmacological, this means that it affects different parts of the body at the same time. Therefore, it’s important to know the interactions of different changes in the user’s body, and this can only be done through clinical research.

What Are The Effects Of CBD And Are There Any Warnings To Know About?

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Cannabidiol is not a psychoactive cannabinoid like THC and studies have shown that cannabidiol has significant neuroprotective and antioxidant properties. This is an indication that CBD might be used as a potential neurological disorders therapeutic aid. Even though the FDA has not approved cannabidiol for any condition, several studies have shown promising results for many different conditions. Anecdotal evidence shows that cannabidiol products have been used by many people as CBD has shown that it can be used to potentially relieve pain, anxiety, stress, as well as various other symptoms related to over 50 different health issues.

This is really quite impressive considering cannabidiol is an organic, naturally occurring herb that hasn’t been chemically or synthetically altered to treat the above mentioned conditions.

CBD is not generally known to have any serious side effects, but there have been reports that some CBD users have experienced light-headedness, low blood pressure, dry mouth, and drowsiness. CBD is extremely safe when used responsibly and not used for recreational purposes, this is because studies have shown it does not have significant negative effects regardless of dosage or how it is administered.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should take special precautions since there is still no conclusive research into its safety among those women. Also, individuals with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease should talk to their doctors before using CBD since high doses could worsen symptoms in some people.

Some Medical Benefits

Studies have shown that cannabidiol is effective for some disorders and conditions.

According To Studies Cannabidiol Can Be Used As An:

  • Anti-tumoral or anti-cancer that combats tumor cells and cancer
  • Antioxidant that combats neurodegenerative disorders
  • Antiemetic that reduces vomiting and nausea
  • Anticonvulsant that suppresses seizures
  • Anxiolytic/antidepressant that allays anxiety and depression
  • Anti-inflammatory that discourages inflammation
  • Antipsychotic for alleviating psychosis

It may be worth noting that prescription only Sativex and nasal sprays with both THC and CBD are available. CBD has also been used as an effective therapeutic aid to help fight frequent urination, pain among MS sufferers, and muscle tightness. Research has also shown that CBD may be effective in treating conditions like dystonia, insomnia, epilepsy, and psychosis.

Hemp Oils offer an amazing array of health benefits and no matter which products you choose, if you’re not sure about using hemp oil especially if you’re someone who is pregnant, chronically ill, elderly, or taking prescription or over the counter medicines, it is always wise to check with a physician or medical doctor first.

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