Yes! Test CBD: Why It’s Necessary

Yes! Test CBD: Why It’s Necessary


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Many people question whether testing CBD oil is required or even important. Some people make the mistaken assumption that there is little or no advantage to seeing any research done on a CBD product because most countries do not mandate it. As a result, they rely on the information on the label or how the company promotes and sells that product.

Unfortunately, as many of us well know, not all CBD is made equal. For this reason, it is crucial to have reliable testing conducted on each batch or lot number by an impartial third party.

Hemp Is A Powerful Bio-accumulator

The hemp plant is a potent bio-accumulator, as any farmer who grows industrial hemp will attest to. This implies that the plant will quickly absorb any chemical, fertilizer, or toxin present in the soil in which it is planted. The roots of the hemp plant will remove it from the soil and store it in the cells of the plant. The practice of phytoremediation, however, in which pollution or chemicals can actually be removed from the earth by planting hemp that draws them out of the ground, therefore cleansing the soil in the process, makes hemp ideal for this.

Contaminants from the earth are absorbed by the hemp plant. Unfortunately, this tends to concentrate undesirable elements in the cannabinoids of hemp plants, just like sushi made from fish from filthy waters might have high mercury levels. This is why it’s crucial to choose hemp that is cultivated only on agricultural land to prevent increased levels of these toxins from contaminating the CBD that is harvested. At the time of harvest and during the bottling process, extensive testing methods are used to look for the presence of such contaminants.

Labels Don’t Always Tell The Whole Story

In fact, over 69 percent of CBD products were mislabeled and did not contain the cannabidiol that their labels indicated they did, according to a recent widely reported study. The survey only included a few random CBD vendors, but the results weren’t encouraging.

Naturally, the bulk of these contained less CBD than was stated on the label. Generally speaking, obtaining more CBD would be a positive thing, but since there is no known level of toxicity for CBD, even when given orally in big amounts, getting less CBD than what was promised or paid for is clearly unfair to the individual who made the CBD purchase.

To avoid making false claims regarding the overall CBD content of only hemp oil and not true CBD oil, third-party labs are used to verify that every batch meets or exceeds the minimum CBD level. While CBD only makes up a tiny portion of the whole oil by volume, some less than reputable businesses will represent the total amount of oil in their product as the actual amount of CBD.

By this point, it should be obvious that independent testing is necessary to determine the exact composition of your CBD products. Reputable businesses will go above and beyond and employ the top independent testing labs in the industry.

You can be confident which bottles belong to which test results because each lab collects numerous batch samples and codes them to their published test findings. Therefore, when shopping for CBD products, be sure the retailer you choose gives readily available, independent lab test results!

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  • October 18, 2020 at 10:27 pm

    Hey, thanks for pointing out that third-party testing is integral to the purity of cbd products, safeguarding the unsuspecting public and ensuring value for cbd in products.

    • October 19, 2020 at 1:03 am

      Hi Alan. Thanks for leaving a comment and yes, testing is extremely important.


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